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About NRI

Thorough compliance…
safe delivery…
responsive, timely service.”

25+ Years of Experience

Network Recycling Inc. provides oil refineries and other industrial waste generators with customized, fully compliant, environmentally sound, and safe transportation and logistic services. We move hazardous and non‑hazardous wastes and by‑products from their point of origin to facilities where they are reclaimed, recycled or processed.

With more than 25 years of experience, NRI specializes in:

  • spent catalyst logistics
  • metal recovery from wastes and by‑products
  • alternatives for wastes with little or no value that would otherwise be directed to landfills

We professionally manage your shipment from point of origin to destination, coordinating everything from export permits to customs paperwork and from packaging to truck and rail transportation.

Our Promise: Service and Value

We value the relationships we have with our customers at both ends of the logistical chain, and set the highest standards of performance for ourselves and everyone we work with.

This is the value we bring and aim to live up to, every day:


Safety and compliance are our highest priorities.


With 25+ years of experience, we have a deep understanding of industrial waste management and our customers’ requirements.


We professionally handle hazardous and non‑hazardous material and by‑products with the same level of attention to detail.


We facilitate the entire logistical chain between the point of origin to the destination, ensuring a smooth process and peace of mind.


We respond quickly to service requests and we help our customers find environmentally sound alternatives for shipping their industrial wastes and by‑products.


NRI is proud to be certified by: